Demonic Mission

Demonic Mission

The Demonic Mission This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice and glad in it. ​ Psalms 118:24

Troy Baker


How do the believers fight battles with unseen forces, how do we wage spiritual warfare? The first step to take would be to acknowledge the war. Believers must first get pass the unbelief and an unresponsiveness to the truth. We must know that our enemy is real, then we must begin to engage their spiritual rebellion at the level of our understanding. This just simply means to apply the knowledge you know, and to keep learning because the enemy will without a doubt step up his game against us and so we must continually step up our game concerning them.

The enemies tactics​ are numerous and continuous because of the fallen state of our flesh and they (the enemy) never sleep or rest. They have an insatiable nature that is always in mad desperation. But, they will never approach us that way, they always start with an unassuming posture in an agreeing and friendly way. Demons (meaning a non human disembodied spiritual personality or force) will always appear sounding in the first person, meaning they want you to think, that what they are saying and/or suggesting to you, are your thoughts. Some believers and most of the unsaved can have complete arguments with other people they know in their own minds and rarely realize that it is a demon spirit working agitation. Demons will do your thinking for you if you let them, they will set attitudes, moods, and opinions of people, places and things.

Demon’s will attack (often subtle, always decisively) when we are at our weakest moments and they aim at our weakest places. The main objective of demons is to undo and keep apart families and any positive relationships by fostering mistrust, by using fear as a persuading reason to lie, by using the elements of the world to control our behavior through the strong emotional desires of the eyes and of the flesh and the deception of self pride mainly due to unbelief and ignorance. They (fallen spirits) govern by causing compromise through conformity and doubt. They govern by keeping us (with our agreement) in a consciousness of guilt, condemnation, fear and lack of forgiveness for the purpose of weakening our faith which exposes us to them. Their goal is to kill, steal and destroy, but their end game is simply their own survival.

Uncontrolled anger​ is an old weapon that never retires in the enemy’s arsenal. The demon’s watch and wait for an opportunity to make us angry, to see to something going wrong or coming up short. They will work hard to make sure that you do not get enough and have a situation that you lose out on. Their aim is to separate the believer from any and all supply and keep us in a state of want. This is done in the hope that we will get and stay frustrated. If allowed, demons will see to us being aware of getting laugh at, step on, misunderstood, cheated and lied on Hoping that you would get angry, hoping that anger would lodge in you. Demons would like nothing better than for us to work and live out of a foundation of anger. In the book of Proverbs 4:23 it states “ Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it ​are the issues of life”. That simply means that our heart is like the mouth of a river, and the purer the water at the mouth of the river is, the healthier everything downstream (such as everything we touch, own and acquire) will be. The demons will try to sustain anger in us by making us think that because of the circumstances we have a right and must be angry. They will never clue us into the truth that it is always our choice about how we feel. Substance abuse​ is one of today’s most used weapon that the enemy uses against many of us. Over consumption of Alcohol, pills, and a host of natural and synthetic substances that alter the mind also serve as a red carpet to invite demon activity in our lives. It is in the demons best interest to get as many people as possible addicted or dependent on one or more substances to control us by. Most of us, (possibly everyone), with a dis-ease (stronghold) of addiction will live in condemnation, confusion and self pity with an attitude of defeat that can and will affect the success of everything else in our life. The demons will do their very best to control circumstances surrounding the dependency, so as to insure that we see that we are (may not be necessarily true in all cases) misdiagnosed, unloved and not understood. Our spiritual enemy will endeavor to see that we think that drugs and alcohol is a relief valve from the pressures of life when in actuality substance abuse will increase their power of ownership of our minds and so our lives.
Demon’s delight in using weak (in faith or fearful) and unsuspecting people that are in ignorance of them as blunt and surgical instruments of destruction in other people’s lives. They will use, if susceptible, the people closest to the believer in an attempt to have an effect on our feelings to emotionally compromise us into ill advised decisions. Demons will try to encourage hate and reprisals as a way of life. They will insist, to our minds, that we need to defend ourselves and that we are all we have. Their aim is to make love a bi-word, with no real substance and work to isolate us while slowly dismantling our mental and physical health. Demons will distort our worldview with the hope that this will bring much worry and death. They hope, by their craft to have us drowning in despair, abject poverty and doubt because of weak faith that causes our lives to become train wrecks. And their greatest achievement would be that if they could convince us to think that our circumstances are the summation of God’s opinion of us. The enemy’s delight is to have us resentful of our creator and thus cut ourselves off from the only cure. They do all this by the process of subtlety and in stealth.

Fallen Angels
1/3 of All Angles fell from Heaven.

God has won the victory​ over the enemy, with all their weapons the dark forces are marching on to what is for them a losing battle, and only because they have already lost the war. Jesus Christ has, by way of the cross crushed the head of the serpent. Satan, who is head of all fallen angels and demonic forces, has been deposed as god of this world. Satan’s desperation to hold onto power was recorded in the gospel of Luke 4:5-8 were he tried to tempt Jesus into bowing down to him. It didn’t work and neither will his efforts with the education of the bible and Holy Spirit filled redeemed saints of God. One important mission of ministry Jesus had while on earth was to turn the rock over and expose Satan for what he is, a thief, a killer and a destroyer. Satan’s rule has ended and his power on earth has been taken, his influence only lies now with the unsaved, fearful and ignorant population of the earth. The bible is more than a book of stories, it is actually a multidimensional look into the spiritual realms of ultimate reality. The bible, when spiritually discerned will open our eyes to the truth that all things come from God, all things are through him and all things are to him (Romans 11:36). We are to give the devil credit for nothing for he himself bends to the will of God. God is sovereign and He disciplines those He claims (Job 36:8-11, Psalms 119:71) and establishes righteousness for his own glory. So God is to be praised even in the storms (Romans 8:28). The will of God, that is what God has stated He wants is that we reign in life through Christ Jesus who has translated us from darkness into His light through his spirit and by his word. Know that the enemies forces at their best are unsubstantial in comparison to the host of heaven (2 Kings 6:16). We the redeemed should keep 2 Timothy 1:7 always in mind. Faith will come by hearing the word of God and the power of God will come with it. Victory is established by our testimony of the word and we know that our fight is from a position of victory and not a fight to victory. We have already won. Stay in forgiveness, stay in love and stay in the word.

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