YouTube Ad Strike Jason Swift leaves YouTube?

YouTube creator Jason Swift has shift to, as many other creators on the YouTube platform are finding new homes. The reason is due to major advertisers leaving YouTube, in fact they are on a strike of sorts. Advertisers such as Johnson and Johnson and Verizon are just a couple of the big names on this boycott against YouTube. These big advertisers are simply not happy were YouTube is placing their ads, and even claiming that they are placing ads near extremist and terrorist content. Of course no ads… and the creators receive no pay for their hard work that many have decided to leave their job for and pursue full-time. I believe all this to be nonsense a way of shutting down the common voice. It is no secret that thousands every day are awakening from their slumber. The realization of corrupt governments and the state of the world is becoming clear. This being said, creators such as Jason Swift are leaving YouTube by the tons daily. We look forward to the new content from Jason, and the Mad Hatter team on this site. Make sure to subscribe and not miss any upcoming content!

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