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Jason Swift,
Guardian Angels are Real and they fight for you! Click Here For Video.

Welcome to World Wide Watchers, a place to visit if you are searching for Truth and Knowledge. My name is Jason Swift, I am a War veteran, conquered P.T.S.D, and hold a degree in the Social Sciences. I started my spiritual journey when I was at my lowest self over ten years ago. I was recently released from Army with severe P.T.S.D and literally destroying my life with drugs, violence, and anything that came my way. I died once and almost died several times after due to my chaotic lifestyle. What I am about to tell you is true, and may sound bizarre to many of you. When I was at my lowest point my Guardian Angel came to intervene in my life, saved me from dying, and said we would finish this later. It was an extreme spiritual experience that I will explain in detail in one of my future blogs. The conversation I had with this Angel left me with an extreme desire to delve into matters of the world through a spiritual lens. Also I want to tell as many people of the world that God, Angels, and Heaven are real because I know for a fact! This being said the other must be true which is Hell, the Devil, and  a real struggle between good and bad on this place we experience with only our five senses. Remember one of the biggest schemes the enemy has pulled, is making people believe he does not exist.

We and the World Wide Watchers Team are diligently working on getting the site running! Please click on the Watchers World Events on the menu tab or our Spiritual Tab for inspiration, world events, and worldwide prophecy videos by Jason Swift. You are welcome to save the page, and watch us grow! We have prophecy videos on full throttle from YouTube creator Jason Swift, Podcasts by Mad Hatter Veterans, Writings from Troy Baker, Kieth Hubbs with the Tapestry and more! Join us as we delve into areas of politics, religion, spirituality, and conspiracy others refuse to. We at World Wide Watchers are in search of Truth and Knowledge. Thanks for your patience as we grow, in the meantime check out videos from Jason Swift on YouTube, VidMe, Twitter, or right here at World Wide Watchers Blog .

Remember every day every hour and minute we are making choices..

Here is an eye opener by Jason Swift on how close we truly are to times warned about as in the days of Noah!

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